Happy Thanksgiving from ZAZA!!!

Dear Friends

Jody and I are so very impressed with the positive response to Zaza……a HUGE  thank you to everyone for your help and ideas. We now have enough money to provide scholarships to ten children for their first year of high school!!!!

Anyone who has still to send money for this first year, please send it along to me. I have “bank-rolled” those whom still have to mail in their contribution (but who have told me they will).

Tomorrow Jody heads back to Madagascar to continue her work with the lemurs. She will meet with the village leaders and the primary school teachers to determine which children will be offered the scholarships.  To those of you who have committed to funding a scholarship, please understand that Jody has very limited access to internet (it is the rainforest!) so it will take time to make the first report.  However, we will aim to provide you with the information on the students selected before December 🙂

From this point we have decided to stop at ten children for the 2011/2012 school year. Any extra funds that come in, between now and Jody’s next trip to Madagascar will be banked in anticipation of the next school year.  Jody hopes to return in July 2012, when she will be able to assess how the program has progressed. At that time we will assess scholarship needs for the second year, and communicate this with you.

We cannot express how happy we are at your generosity. All the funds received will go directly to the children’s education, a priceless gift.  We are so very thankful to have people like you in our worlds 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jill and Jody

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