News from ZAZA :)

Dear Friends of the ZAZA Project,
We hope this letter finds you well and happy in your many different homes around the world 🙂 As some of you know, Jody and Alastair are heading back to Madagascar to conduct another season of research on rainforest lemurs.  They will be visiting the 2011-2012 ZAZA Scholars and their families and having group gatherings at the local primary school to check on their progress. Jody is set to leave Canada in early June 2012, and we hope to send more scholarship funds over with her.  Thanks to the generosity of many, many people, we have already have sufficient funding for the first group of 10 ZAZA Scholars to complete the first 2 years of high school 🙂  Currently, our goal is to raise scholarship funds for the next group of students finishing primary school (Grade 5).  Again, we hope to provide scholarships for at least 10 children with the top grades.

At this point, Jody doesn’t have the trip after this one scheduled. She will be analyzing and writing her PhD after this visit and that will take her to August 2013.  Therefore, we are hoping to send enough money to sponsor both groups of ZAZA Scholars for the next 2 years. This will ensure there is sufficient funding to carry these 20 children well into high school. After that time period if politics and life plans permit, Jody and Alastair hope to return to Madagascar to continue their research and the ZAZA scholarship project.

Thanks to the many donations received already, we are actually quite close to achieving this goal.  At this time, we are seeking approximately $1,500 to ensure that these 2 groups of Scholars are funded for the next 2 years.  Remember that $100 provides a full scholarship to a student for 1 year.  So even a gift of $20 helps a lot.  If you would like to support this initiative through donations or other forms of support, please contact Jody or myself.  We would also love to see this initiative shared with other friends and family, so please feel free to send this email and our website ( to others who might be interested.

If you have already supported a ZAZA Scholar and would like to send them a letter and or photos, please send these to Jody before the end of May.  Thank you again for the wonderful support you have given these children and for the joy that the ZAZA Project gives us 🙂

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks,
Jill Weir

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