ZAZA August 2018 Updates

Hello beautiful wonderful people all over the world!
Greetings from Port Hardy, where Alastair and I have just spent a couple of sensational weeks up on the Central Coast of British Columbia.
In a couple of weeks I am flying from Canada to Madagascar for my TENTH trip!!!  I never would have imagined in that first year that I would still be so committed to and intertwined with the lives of the lemurs, the village and the life in Maromizaha.
Once again, we are looking for support to fund scholarships to allow students to go to school, to pay wages for my local assistants and maybe help cover some of my costs.  Please take a look at what your money will go towards, and let me know if you can help in any way.  As always, your money will be given directly from me to the child, or assistant, and there are no ‘administrative costs’ associated with this project.
Scholarship for 1 child for 1 year =$100 (this covers all books, pens, compasses, pencil cases, etc. plus uniforms, school fees and room and board in the village where the school is located)
This year we have two students who are starting University!!! I’m not entirely sure what their costs will be but I am determined to make sure they are covered.
Wages for 1 local assistant for 100 days (July – December) =$800 (x7 My local assistants Olga, Ndrenasolo, Raelison, Vonjy, Suzy, Herve and newbie Nasa have been working hard in the forest since the end of June, following 3 groups of sifaka with babies 🙂  Vonjy had her own baby in December but is keen to be working in the forest again.  They are all part of my Malagasy family 🙂

My costs including mostly flights, and also ground transport, accommodation = approx. $4,000
Please let me know if you are able to contribute to the program this season and where you would like to see your money go.  Also please share this site with friends and family who might be interested in helping out 🙂
Heartfelt thanks and best wishes,
Misa otra beseka!!
Jody 🙂

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