GoFund the ZAZA Project- November 2018

A big hello to everyone in the ZAZA community and any who would like to help,

We have some fantastic news! For the last few years we have been continuing to run the ZAZA Project, allowing us to help support our three main mission goals:

  • Lemur research, regarding infant care on critically endangered species
  • Local monitoring and providing locals with jobs
  • Providing local kids with scholarship opportunities

However while our project has been in motion for the last few years we have always had a small audience. This September a group of American study abroad students came to Maromizaha for the first time, and many of them brought along great ideas for the project. A few of them are continuing to assist us and with their help we believe we can make our project more widespread and more well known then it has been in the past!

We are now happy to announce the start of our first GoFundMe page! Through this we believe we can make donating to this amazing cause easier and more effective then ever before. With the holiday season we hope to reach our goal of $10,000!

With this money we know we can run our small project for the next year! All while conducting more necessary research on how mother Indris and Diademeed Sifakas care for their young. Through this data collection process we are able to provide reliable jobs for a team of locals that have proven to be effective and never failed us. The other component in which the major portion of this money will go to is providing scholarships for young outstanding students which are in need of money to attend school!

With the holidays just around the corner, we hope to be able to tell these smiling faces that the program will continue next year

Thank you so much for reading this and taking part in this project! The link below will bring you directly to our GoFundMe page!

Thank you again and love to all,

The ZAZA Project


By zachary14mecom

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