Dear Friends of the ZAZA Project,

I am so pleased and grateful to be able to say that my very competent local team, which currently includes Raelison, Ndrenasolo and Hervé, and is led by Olga, my right-hand woman and single mother of 4, have been working hard since July 1 to collect data on this year’s infant lemurs.

I am also lucky and incredibly grateful that Hannah Brown, a student who came to Maromizaha last year as a student in the Stony Brook University field school and fell in love with the Indri, has returned to our site this year to work as a volunteer research assistant on the ZAZA Project.  She is completely self-funded, and is running a study to examine the gut microbiome of Indri mothers and their babies.  To do this, my team is helping her to collect poo samples.

They are also continuing data collection on sifaka mothers and infants.  So far we have 4 baby sifaka and 3 baby indri within our habituated groups. Particularly exciting this year is that we have our first grand baby! Sira Mamy, who was the baby of Orchidé in 2011 had her first baby this year at 8 years old.  The ZAZA Local Monitoring Team have named this special baby Barea, after the Malagasy football team, who amazingly made it to the quarter finals of AFCON this year!!

As for the ZAZA Scholarship Program, in addition to sponsoring students, this year we have started the planning stages for establishing the ZAZA Project School in Anevoka.  This project will mean that in future years, donations we receive for scholarships will go into supporting students through their last years of highschool at this local, privately run school.  This will ensure that donations and funding help the brightest, most promising students complete an education focused on the local environment.

As always, we appreciate any support you can provide.  The following are areas where we are currently in need of funding:

-Scholarhips for highschool students ($100 covers all suppilies, room and board for one year of school, next semester will start at the end of September/early October)

-Scholarships for University Scholarships.  Last year we were able to support 2 young women who completed highschool through the program and started University.  ($500 covers their supplies, fees, room and board for a year of University)

-Scholarships for students to attend Language School.  Last year we supported 2 students (and Hervé, our newest Team member) to complete a specialised language program to improve English and French skills. ($100 covers supplies, fees, room and board for a 3 month program)

-Salaries for our Local Monitoring Team. Most members currently make 9$ per day and work 6 days per week, so 200$ covers one salary for a month.

-The school build will cost approximately 12,000$, any donations towards this costs will be greatly appreciated.

Thank-you to everyone who has supported or donated this season already 🙂

As always there are several ways to donate, the most straightforward being through our GoFundMe account here:

But there are other ways too, so please get in touch if you’d like to sort out a different method.

Also, feel free to share our website or Facebook page to help us spread the word and help the people, forest and the animals of Madagascar 🙂

Sincere thanks,


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